Poem: Retreat From The Crowd

I am definitely not a poet, but I awhile back I was compelled to write this random poem about “Retreat From The Crowd”.

When they want a steak,

I crave chocolate cake.

When they wear jeans,

I am skirted by all means.

When they flirt all day,

I like sit alone by the bay.

When they back each other up,

I like to focus more on my cup.

When they banter all night,

I read by the solitary light.

When they drive down the road,

I walk alone to my abode.

When they dye their hair blonde,

I keep mine black of which I am fond.

When they go to the Colorado River,

I dream of Hawaii and shiver.

When they drink and socialize,

I prefer nature to harmonize.

When they go to the latest action movie,

I take home a book and read aptly.

When they dance all around,

I like to sit alone on the ground.

Retreating from the crowd,

Especially when it is very loud.


The picture above is one I drew of a Hawaiian inspired sunset back in 2007.

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