Coloring In The Shamrock Illustration


Tomorrow is Saint Patrick’s Day, so it is time for another shamrock art post. Today I finished coloring in the shamrock illustration I creating for my new coloring sheet website.

I used green crayons to shade in the shamrock collage.
I drew a shamrock to use as a template for making the collage.
I created a circular shape to the collage by tracing around the shamrock template.
Here I finished filling the page with the shamrock collage design.
I used a sharpie to outline the shamrocks in the illustration.
The collage was ready to color in once I finished outlining all the shamrocks with a sharpie.
I used several different shades of green crayons to shade in the shamrock collage.

People always think of crayons as something kids use for their coloring books, but adults can also use crayons for coloring and art projects. The textures achieved with the waxy residue of the crayons are interesting, and a slightly messier medium than colored pencils, but far more contained the oil pastels.

I used baby oil to blend together the layers of crayons and make these a bit smoother.

In the video the shamrock illustration is colored from start to finish.




Starting A New Cat Drawing

I am starting a new drawing of Irina the cat.
I first start color in the ears and head of Irina the cat.
I used a black colored pencil and a drawing pencil to draw the fur on Irina. Her eyes are a bright yellow hue.
Irina the cat is the muse for this drawing.
Using a new Cretacolor Monolith pencil to add more fur detail to Irina the cat.

For this drawing of Irina the cat I am using a mixture of black colored pencils, charcoal pencils, and some new Cretacolor Monolith pencils. I just switch back and forth between different pencils as inspiration allows.

The video shows the beginning of the new Irina the cat drawing.

Making A Valentine Heart Birthday Card

I made a heart Valentine birthday card for my sister.
I used a red metallic colored pencil to draw a heart on a 4 by 6 inch of paper.
I used a metallic gold colored pencil to color in the background behind the heart. The gold colored pencil was also used to shade a frame on the quarter fold card  the drawing was glued to.

I used metallic colored pencils to draw and color the heart illustration for a lustrous shine. Mod podge was used to apply the drawing to the quarter fold card, and add a glittery sheen. Handmade cards are a thoughtful way to wish people a happy Valentine birthday.

The video illustrates how I made the heart card from start to finish.

Drawing A Ghost House In Death Valley

A colored pencil drawing of a ghost house drawing in Death Valley.

On a camping trip to Death Valley and I took some pictures of a ghost town back in 1993. We used to stay near this deserted village, and bats would fly out of the mining caves and fill the night sky. This would be a spooky place to camp during Halloween. One morning I captured an image of the ghost town, which is the inspiration for this drawing.

A simple drawing of a ghost house located in Death Valley.
More chaparral and boulders were added to the desert landscape.
The hills behind the ghost house were colored in with terracotta and dark brown colored pencils.
The hills and the chapparal in the background have been colored in.
The ghost house was colored in with chocolate brown, black and white colored pencils to create highlights.

Chaparral, flowers, and boulders were colored in around the ghost house, which looks a bit spooky eerie in this semi-arid landscape.

Painting Two Cats At Joshua Tree

Painting of two cats kissing at Joshua Tree.
Painting of two cats kissing at Joshua Tree.

Joshua Tree is a place that is very near and dear to my heart. I grew up near this majestic national park, and I visited it quite often over the years. Last year I drew a picture of a cat lounging near the Joshua trees, and recently I have painted a picture of two cats kissing at Joshua Tree.


Transferring The Cat Drawing With Tracing Paper

I used tracing paper to transfer the drawing of the two cats to the canvas.
I used tracing paper to transfer the drawing of the two cats to the canvas.

The video below explains how I used the tracing paper to trace over the drawing of the two cats, and then I used a pencil to go over the back of the traced drawing. The graphite tracing on the back of the paper is necessary for transferring the image to the canvas. In the final step, I taped the tracing paper to the canvas, and I went over the drawing with a terra cotta colored pencil, which demarcates which part of the image I was transferring. The image transferred to the canvas was quite light, so I darkened it up a bit. Tracing paper is conducive to transmitting images to sheets of paper or canvas if you do not want to invest in a light table.