Making A Valentine Heart Birthday Card

I made a heart Valentine birthday card for my sister.
I used a red metallic colored pencil to draw a heart on a 4 by 6 inch of paper.
I used a metallic gold colored pencil to color in the background behind the heart. The gold colored pencil was also used to shade a frame on the quarter fold card  the drawing was glued to.

I used metallic colored pencils to draw and color the heart illustration for a lustrous shine. Mod podge was used to apply the drawing to the quarter fold card, and add a glittery sheen. Handmade cards are a thoughtful way to wish people a happy Valentine birthday.

The video illustrates how I made the heart card from start to finish.

I Still Sketch Things Out

How many people actually still sketch things out? I am sketching an image for a birthday card at the moment, and it feels rewarding to know I take the time to do that. Sketching on a handmade card is just more satisfying that using a computer program to print something out. By the way, I truly believe in card making, and your friends and family often enjoy receiving mail rather than email.

One thing I enjoy doing is making quarter fold cards as you know. I take a piece of used computer paper and fold it in half, and then I fold it into a quarter fold. Here I have drawn a picture of a beautiful tropical sunset, one of my favorite types of themes. My walls are even decorated with my own framed art and pictures