The September Cursive Colored Pencil Drawing

Cursive drawing of the month September with an apple to symbolize back to school.

When I was a kid we used to go back to school in September. During this first month of the new academic year, apples were always synonymous with education (giving the teacher an apple), which is a reason I included a small one in this colored pencil drawing.

I shaded in the September cursive text with a pencil. An apple was drawn on the top right-hand side of the page.
I used a purple metallic colored pencil to color in the background.
Here is the September cursive text with the metallic purple background completely colored in.
The completed September cursive drawing with the apple colored in.

The video illustrates the progression of creating the September cursive illustration.

Working On The Cat Drawing As Inspiration Comes

The stripey cat is at Joshua Tree, but I am taking my time with this colored pencil drawing. There is no rush, and I am letting the creative process take me on a journey.

I used to think I needed to be super prolific when it came to producing drawings, but I realized that is not my style. I really am excited about how my cat illustration is evolving, so I am in no rush to finish it by a certain “deadline”. I just take the colored pencils and let my creativity go where it may.

Coloring In The Drawing of Stripey Cat At Joshua Tree

Today I started coloring in my drawing of Stripey cat at Joshua Tree.

Coloring in the background for the drawing of Stripey cat at Joshua Tree.

Today I am coloring in the background for Stripey cat at Joshua Tree. The first step consisted of shading in the mountains, boulders, and chaparral. Now it is time to color in the focal Joshua Tree and Stripey cat herself.

This speed coloring video is a continuation of adding coloring to the Joshua Tree cat illustration. Watch the video to see how the project is evolving thus far.

Drawing A Ghost House In Death Valley

A colored pencil drawing of a ghost house drawing in Death Valley.

On a camping trip to Death Valley and I took some pictures of a ghost town back in 1993. We used to stay near this deserted village, and bats would fly out of the mining caves and fill the night sky. This would be a spooky place to camp during Halloween. One morning I captured an image of the ghost town, which is the inspiration for this drawing.

A simple drawing of a ghost house located in Death Valley.
More chaparral and boulders were added to the desert landscape.
The hills behind the ghost house were colored in with terracotta and dark brown colored pencils.
The hills and the chapparal in the background have been colored in.
The ghost house was colored in with chocolate brown, black and white colored pencils to create highlights.

Chaparral, flowers, and boulders were colored in around the ghost house, which looks a bit spooky eerie in this semi-arid landscape.

The Completed Drawing of Lady Dog

Yesterday I finally finished by drawing of Lady dog.  Here were the final steps toward achieving the final result of my colored pencil drawing.


Coloring in Lady dog’s fur with a reddish-brown colored pencil.


Creating the grain on the wood background with a dark brown colored pencil.
I created the wood grain background for Lady dog by blending together white, sepia, and dark brown colored pencils.
Light brown and dark brown colored pencils were used to create the tiles on the floor.
Here is what the finished drawing of Lady dog looks like.

Here is a video that illustrates how I created the colored pencil drawing of Lady dog.

Drawing The Backside of The San Bernardino Mountains

Drawing The Backside of The San Bernardino Mountains

I added all the details that I wanted with my sketching pencil before shading in my illustration with colored pencils.

Drawing The Backside of The San Bernardino Mountains

The first step of coloring in the drawing was to shade in the sky and the barren oak tree. My sister asked if I was going to put leaves on this tree, but I am not because it is supposed to be a late December scene.

In the video above I am coloring in the sky and the tree in speed motion.

The Waikiki Sketch Thus Far

I have finally begun to color in the sky of my Waikiki sketch with a Berol colored pencil that is of the shade bleu inactinique. This pencil is one of the remnants of the Berol colored pencils I have had since 1996, but these are such great quality pencils that many have lasted almost fourteen years. Of course, I mix up my pencils, so I often use which ever shade of colored pencil appeals to me at the moment.