New Art T-shirt Site

The Irina the cat shirt was drawn on the yellow shirt with fabric markers.
The Irina the cat shirt was drawn on the yellow shirt with fabric markers.

Today I have started a new art t-shirt site called Art Shirt Designs, which will feature shirts with reprints of my artwork and photography. The shirt below was created with fabric markers, and is an example of the type of imagery you can find on the shirts I sell over on Zazzle. This one has an image I drew by hand, but all of my artwork has a vibrant sort of theme. I love to focus on the gentle and bright side of art because that is my thing. Always be you in the world of art, and smile about it. Things such as cats and palm trees motivate and inspire me in my daily life, and I would not have it any other way.

S Is For Cross Stitching

Cross stitching is a super easy and time consumptive craft that can be tailored to people of all ages, especially if you use yarn and plastic canvas mesh. Here are some of the simple and fun plastic canvas cross stitch projects I made over the last few years.


Above is a cross stitched candy cane I made into a bookmark.

Here is a cross stitched heart I turned into a magnet.

Cross Stitched Heart

Making A Heart Tree Card With A Southern California Theme

The Heart Tree Valentine Card

Rather than drawing a palm tree, for this Valentine’s Day card I decided to draw a picture of a heart tree. This Valentine’s Day card has a Southern California theme because Mount Baldy is in the background. I created this card with colored pencils and a pencil sketch, and it is always fun to make cards by hand.

Part one of the video tutorial.

Above is part two of the video tutorial on making a heart tree card for Valentine’s Day.

The Completed Snowman Ornament

Today I completed the snowman ornament by gluing my drawing to the lid, and then painting glitter glue over the surface. Now I have a sparkly snowman to admire for my wall. Making your own ornaments is creative, fun, and economical.

This was a fun ornament to make, and now I am on a kick making more Christmas decorations.

Making Christmas Ornaments Out of Lids

Yesterday I decided to make some Christmas ornaments out of canning lids. It is preferable not to throw away things you can recycle, so I decided to turn these nice round lids into ornaments.

Step 1:

I used a cardboard box to poke holes in the lids with a hammer and a push pin. Adults should poke holes in lids for kids as this can be dangerous. There are many different ways to poke a hole in lids, but this is the way I did it. Also, I suggest wearing protective goggles or glasses when poking holes in lids.

Step 2:

I made a hanger for my ornaments by looping through and tying off jewelry nylon. There are many different ways to make hangers for ornaments, but I am simply using supplies that I have on hand.

Step 3:

Paint the ornaments on top of the cardboard box with acrylic paint.

The video above demonstrates how I am painting the lids with wreath and snow man illustrations.

Step 4:

Allow the ornaments to dry completely, and add a little bit of glitter glue to allow these to sparkle.