Finished Painting Buster

I am so excited because today I have finally finished painting Buster! Even though he is a male dog I made his collar pink because I thought it would be a nice contrast to his banana nut bread colored fur. Also, men can also wear pink, so anyone who thinks otherwise should be more open about that!

His eyes are a rich chocolate brown, and catch the reflection of the light.I love how I decided to make the background for Buster aquamarine, which compliments his fur so well. The one thing I hate about painting is cleaning the paint brushes, and lately I have to be careful doing that because my sink has clogged up a few times. Now I will be using the non-toxic paint remover/soap and a jar of water to clean my brushes. At the bottom of my blog our a few paint sets I wish I could buy, but I will just have to finish using the ones I have on hand.

Painting Buster Today

Today I have begun to paint my dog Buster. First I feel in the light sandy colors of his fur. After filling in the lighter portions of Buster’s face I begin to outline his jaw, and other prominent features. The next step is to add the darker colors to Buster’s face. Of course this will be an on going process, and this is just the beginning of painting Buster’s, my beloved dog.

Do you have a dearly departed pet that you would love to commemorate with a beautiful piece of art work that can grace your living room wall? If so, head over to the crafting store today to buy a canvas, or use materials on hand. You will never regret drawing and painting the animals that have touched your lives. Have you seen the movie Marley and Me? I love this movie, and when I watch it reminds me of how much I loved my dog Buster. Painting Buster is a long drawn out process, but I am enjoying every minute of it.

Progress On The Tropical Painting

Here my tropical sunset painting is beginning to take shape. I am really excited about going in and adding more details to the sky in between the palm branches, but I am taking a respite from for a few days. I feel myself ready to start again on this painting tomorrow, which is great because it has given parts of the canvas time to dry. I love the feeling of oil painting and how the colors beautifully mix together.