U Is For Traveling In The Western United States

The United states is a large country, but I have mostly traveled in the western half of it. I have been as far west as Hawaii, and far east as Missouri. Growing up a lot of our vacations were spent on road trips in California, which is my native state. Back in April of 1993 we went on a road trip to Death Valley, and camped out at Schwab Ghost Town for a couple of days. At the time I was not excited about going, but twenty years later I am so happy I took these photos of all the sites in and around Death Valley.

T Is For Travel Photography

Travel photography is an ideal way to document trips, but a photographer does not have to travel far from home to indulge in this pass-time. If you know a lot about your local area then you might even want to start a travel photography site about it.  The photographs posted on this site would appeal to tourists or people moving to the area, and a local would know what is interesting to visit and photograph. Here are a few video slide shows I have created of the photography of the San Bernardino Mountains.

O Is For Orange Colored Fruits

Today I am thinking about the orange fruits I love to eat. Here is a photograph I took of a bowl of oranges in a ceramic bowl that I made back in high school.

Oranges In A Bowl

Even though this blog is about my art projects and photography, today I am sharing a couple of videos featuring a large organic pumpkin I baked to make pumpkin pies and pumpkin breads.

Look at the difference in size between the thirteen pound pumpkin and the little tangerine.

The video shows the comparisons between the giant pumpkin and the little orange tangerine. Hey the theme today is O, and since I am talking about orange fruits, you will be getting plenty of that. Below is a picture I drew of a pumpkin awhile back.

The next video shows me roasting the large pumpkin in the roaster oven.

The pumpkin looked quite nice as it was roasting in the oven.




This pumpkin will make quite a few delicious pies, and yes, I am quite excited.


M Is For The Metatee Rocks

The metatee rocks is a very special place up in the San Bernardino Mountains, which was once a camp where people from the Serrano Indian tribe used to grind acorns into a meal for their flat breads and mushes. Actually, I wrote a hub about the metatee rocks a few years ago, and it is a place I used to love to go out to on my runs. Even back in 2002 I was taking pictures of the metatee rocks, although the camera at the time was not a high resolution one. It is amazing to contemplate how people came to this location every fall for hundred, if not thousands of years.

The Metatee Rocks

B Is For Bernardino In The San Bernardino Mountains

Today I decided to write about B as standing for Bernardino in the San Bernardino Mountains.  I grew up in the San Bernardino Mountains, so this location will always be close to my heart.  The beauty of the mountain continues to inspire and captivate me, and I always enjoy capturing landscape scenes with my artwork and photography.  Here are some cards featuring my artwork and photograph of the San Bernardino Mountains.  If you live in Southern California, then I highly recommend making a day trip up to the San Bernardino Mountains.



San Bernardino Mountains Card by Julia Hanna