Coloring In The Shamrock Illustration


Tomorrow is Saint Patrick’s Day, so it is time for another shamrock art post. Today I finished coloring in the shamrock illustration I creating for my new coloring sheet website.

I used green crayons to shade in the shamrock collage.
I drew a shamrock to use as a template for making the collage.
I created a circular shape to the collage by tracing around the shamrock template.
Here I finished filling the page with the shamrock collage design.
I used a sharpie to outline the shamrocks in the illustration.
The collage was ready to color in once I finished outlining all the shamrocks with a sharpie.
I used several different shades of green crayons to shade in the shamrock collage.

People always think of crayons as something kids use for their coloring books, but adults can also use crayons for coloring and art projects. The textures achieved with the waxy residue of the crayons are interesting, and a slightly messier medium than colored pencils, but far more contained the oil pastels.

I used baby oil to blend together the layers of crayons and make these a bit smoother.

In the video the shamrock illustration is colored from start to finish.




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