Cross Stitching A Heart Design On Plastic Canvas Mesh Is Time Consuming

Continuing To Work On The Cross Stitch Project

In the age of the computer and digital art people forget how time consuming, yet rewarding, things like drawing by hand and cross stitching can be. Here I am holding the cross stitched piece I designed, which I have been working on for a few weeks now. I have not started any new drawing projects because I hate abandoning my crafting projects in progress, but if I really wanted to get this done I could just sit in a chair and count the stitching as I go. Perhaps that would be the best way to finish this expeditiously, but I find that after a few continuous minutes of stitching my mind needs a break. I love the way that cross stitching looks, but this is not a project I can work at non-stop.

Cross Stitching The Heart Design

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  1. Hi, Julia. Your project is coming along beautifully! I envy you your patience and perseverance, as well as the artistic bent to start these projects.

    I did some cross-stitching in a primitive way when I was a child and my mother was working on a more ambitious project. They used to print patterns for people to follow and some of them were famous artworks in reproduction. While I enjoyed it, I don’t have the patience to devote to this kind of pains-taking task now. You are much more creative with this medium, though, making your own patterns.

    I think it was much easier to devote time to projects like this before the invention of television. Though I don’t watch TV anymore, I do expect somehow to get an immediate return on anything I do in the evening,

    1. Patience is key when cross stitching. My palm tree cross stitch on aida cloth was more ornate, but I have to admit I cannot do this continously for more than a few minutes.

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