F Is For Fresas

On this blog I like to share my artwork and photography, and today I was enticed to photograph a lovely little container of strawberries I found at the dollar store. The thing I love about California is we have access to a diversity of produce in this region, and today the dollar store actually had a good selection. I was excited to get a 16 ounce container of strawberries that I would usually pay almost three dollars for at the regular grocery store. There were even large bags of oranges and large watermelons there today, so I guess I went there at a good time. When I was looking at the label on the strawberries I noticed the Spanish word is fresas, which I thought would fit in perfectly with the letter f. So go out and buy some delicious strawerberries and fresas, and make a smoothie.

Fresas Is The Spanish Word For Strawberries

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    1. Thanks for commenting Valerie! These were such a good deal, and I think the quality of the fruit at our Dollar Store is better than some because I live in Southern California. Not every time I go there is a great, but you cannot beat the large watermelons, large bags of oranges, and strawberries I spotted there yesterday. I think I was very lucky. I will have to check out your blog as well.

  1. Ah! The taste of summer! My favorite! Thank you, too, for your kind comment on my A to Z Challenge “B” post. I just hope I can catch up!

    1. I appreciate your comments Julie, and I am pretty exciting about summer coming up :). We have strawberries in California year around, but the best ones are always around this time of year.

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