Finished Painting Buster

I am so excited because today I have finally finished painting Buster! Even though he is a male dog I made his collar pink because I thought it would be a nice contrast to his banana nut bread colored fur. Also, men can also wear pink, so anyone who thinks otherwise should be more open about that!

His eyes are a rich chocolate brown, and catch the reflection of the light.I love how I decided to make the background for Buster aquamarine, which compliments his fur so well. The one thing I hate about painting is cleaning the paint brushes, and lately I have to be careful doing that because my sink has clogged up a few times. Now I will be using the non-toxic paint remover/soap and a jar of water to clean my brushes. At the bottom of my blog our a few paint sets I wish I could buy, but I will just have to finish using the ones I have on hand.

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  1. Hey it looks good now it’s finished, almost has a look of Scooby Doo, must try doing something like this and shake off the demon and devil art for awhile!

    I liked how the pictures showed the paint application step by step, a superb art project.

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