Focusing More On Art

Last night I continued to work more on the cat drawing, and I have decided I want Irina the cat to have a San Bernardino Mountains background. I am not posting a picture until I am done with the project, and I am reapproaching how I view my own art.

I like to work on things at my own pace, so I there is no deadline for when this drawing must be completed. Also, I want to focus on my art as much as possible and filter out things that detract from this goal.

At the moment selling my art to a wider audience who enjoys it is my new focus, and helping my family financially and with love is all I care about. I am practicing the art of learning to ignore extraneous things and honing in on my goals. I know we are not supposed to talk about our plans for the future, but why not? I like contemplating the direction my life and art is going, and for me, it is focusing on art with nature and animal themes.

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