How To Be A Strong And Independent Cookie

I realized today that I do not consider myself a tough cookie, but I am a strong and independent cookie because I like sweet things, but I can also be determined in my own way.  I have been calling myself a strong cookie for years actually because I do quite a lot on my own, and never really give myself props for this. Earlier this week I realized very few people have ever has gone out of their way to encourage me or support me in my writing and the art the way I have done for others, so it is now is time to do more of my own cheer leading.

Today I am focusing on being my own strongest supporter and promoting my artwork and blogging. In the past I would comment on blogs where the writer usually would not respond, and realize my contribution was not valued there.  Oh well, no complaining, but it is time to move onward and upward.

As of the moment I have put off finishing my novel because I really just am not feeling the vibe for it, but maybe one day I will publish it.  I just realized editing has not been capturing my imagination, and no one ever jumped up and down saying they wanted to help me edit it. I know I could pay someone to do that, but I just do not feel like doing that at the moment.  I have decided to put this project on the back burner and just concentrate on my art and blogging.  I have a lot of art for sale, which you can purchase below on Zazzle.

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  1. I know what you are saying. You have been very supportive of others, and I applaud your efforts, but ultimately you have to keep plugging your own art and writing and do what works for you.

    I do not mind being my own editor, although when someone helps that is even better. The most daunting task, I find, is being my own publicist. That is really hard!

    You have some beautiful pieces in that Zazzle panel.

    1. I enjoy supporting others I find creative, but I think I will be doing less of that when it seems that some will never tweet or comment on anything I post. I have just decided I will allocate more of that time to focusing on my own efforts, and no longer suggest what others should do promote themselves. I think on a couple of occasions people were more annoyed than inspired by my well-meaning suggestions, and that is not a good use of my time at all. Thanks for the comment about my Zazzle panel.

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