M Is For The Metatee Rocks

The metatee rocks is a very special place up in the San Bernardino Mountains, which was once a camp where people from the Serrano Indian tribe used to grind acorns into a meal for their flat breads and mushes. Actually, I wrote a hub about the metatee rocks a few years ago, and it is a place I used to love to go out to on my runs. Even back in 2002 I was taking pictures of the metatee rocks, although the camera at the time was not a high resolution one. It is amazing to contemplate how people came to this location every fall for hundred, if not thousands of years.

The Metatee Rocks

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    1. Thanks, Eileen. The alphabet project is this thing a lot of us bloggers are all participating in, but it is quite fun. Later today I am making a video of the metatee rocks, which will show even more of these.

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