Make Decorative Pine Cones

These pine cones can be for Christmas, or for every day decorations. I had a bit of glitter paint, so I decided to cover the pine cones with several different shades. The pine cones were placed on paper plates and a paint brush was used to dabble paint all around the cones. Some of the pine cones were painted in several different shades of paint to create a cool effect. I love the glistening of the sparkly pine cones, but the yellow one is sort of my favorite because it reminds me of corn on the cob.

Painting a pine cone with blue glitter paint.

This is how the pine cone looked after it had dried.

The pine cone that looks like a corn cob because I painted it canary yellow.

2 Replies to “Make Decorative Pine Cones”

  1. I like the blue sparkly pine cone best.

    We have a tree that keeps dropping globe-like seed pods, and I think they might make nice ornaments if painted metallic colors like silver and gold. We might try that sometime, inspired by your project.

    1. At Walmart all of the plaid metallic paints are more reasonably priced than the craft store. These come in small bottles, so you do not feel committed to use a large amount, if you decide the color is not your favorite.

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