More Inspiration When It Comes To Photography, Jewelry, And Accessories


Jewelry Making Supplies Bag

This cute bag is a handy way to transport, and store your jewelry making supplies.  This is a picture I took of a necklace that I made the other day, which I added to this cute little bag.

Jewelry Making Fanatic Hat!

Express your jewelry making fanaticism with this fun hat!


Lake Arrowhead, California Hat

Here is a hat I designed with a picture I took in Lake Arrowhead, California.  Remember your trip to the gorgeous San Bernardino Mountains by wearing this hat.

Sepia Image of the San Bernardino Mountain Shoes


Here is a pair of beautiful shoes I designed with a sepia photograph I took in the San Bernardino Mountains.  These would be a fun pair of shoes for the man in your life.  Sepia is stunning, and the mountains look amazing in this hue.



Lake Arrowhead-California Tote Bag

Celebrate the beauty of a Lake Arrowhead, California sunset with this beautiful tote bag.  I designed this bag over on Zazzle with a picture I took of a vibrant sunset with the view of Mount Baldy.

View of Mount Baldy Necklace


I love the view of Mount Baldy, which is visible on my walks in the San Bernardino Mountains.


Lake Arrowhead California Key Chain
If you want to remember your trip or your old home up in Lake Arrowhead, California, then this key chain will be a great reminder.  I designed this key chain with a picture I took up in the San Bernardino Mountains.
Mount Baldy Enchantment

Yes I admit it; I have a bit of a Mount Baldy enchantment.  Every time I am up in the San Bernardino Mountains, I quite enjoy taking pictures of Mount Baldy from various angels.  It never gets old when it comes to taking pictures of Mount Baldy.

Another Picture of Mount Baldy

View of Mount Baldy

Here is the view looking out towards Mount Baldy in the amazingly beautiful San Bernardino Mountains.

Mount Baldy

Photography In The San Bernardino Mountains

Photography in the San Bernardino Mountains is very inspiring.  I love the modern technology of the digital camera because it enables me to take many pictures of the scenes in nature that I truly love.

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