My Art, My Choice

Today I came home and received an interesting comment on my YouTube video I created back in 2011.  A few years ago I used to get more page views with YouTube videos I created to go along with art projects I wrote about on Hubpages.  The last few years I get fewer page views for videos I create, and I suppose this has something to do with not have many subscribers.

I know I will never have a large number of subscribers on YouTube, and I have actually come to accept that.  I always wish I would get more comments on videos and my blog posts, but then today I received a comment that sort of threw me off.

Basically, the guy told me how he is a professional artist, and my video on demonstrating how to draw a cat using the grid method is not good, and that my drawing is not good.  However, he encouraged me to keep going.  Not sure what that is supposed to mean, but I did not find this comment helpful, so I deleted it. I suppose I could have kept it up, but I did not see the point because it only felt like it was made in provocation.

I see a lot of big time YouTubers getting harsh comments every day, and I am not sure how they put up with it.  Maybe my channel never grows because I delete such comments.  In the past, I just remember when I engaged with the negative commentators it did not go well, and the friction is not fun.  I concluded it was just feeding the trolls, and it was better to delete comments that I do not feel are conducive to my videos.

So perhaps I should have been a stronger cookie and kept the comment, but it just reminded me back when I wrote political stuff and I would get heated comments. I eased off of that, and I just do not feel like being challenged continuously at this point in my life.

There are people who say well if you put yourself out there you have to be open to criticism, and that is true to a certain degree, but this does not mean people have the free license just to trash others.  If you cannot be supportive of someone, then what value does the comment have?

There are musicians and artists I do not care for, but I would never imagine going to their Youtube/Twitter pages or websites and saying “well this is not good, but you keep at it”.   I arrived at the conclusion I enjoy writing and creating art for myself, and that is cool if a few people like it.  I am not interested in people who tell me what great artists they are, but who do not have any videos demonstrating their talents. In the age of the Internet it is very easy to criticize others when you are not putting yourself out there.  I have noticed the most unhelpful critics boast about their prowess at this and that, but they do not have anything posted to demonstrate how their things are better than yours.

I am sure the man who told me he is a professional artist is all that, but telling me my art is not good is not going changing anything.  Gee, at least it would have been better if he had been the average spammer promoting his art website. At least he would have had something to back up what he was talking about.

My conclusion: what I create and post art wise is mine, and it is my choice to post it.  If you like it that is great, but if you do not, then keep moving along. No one is forcing you to look at anything you abhor so.

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  1. Hi, Julia. I don’t know what the point of such comments is, either. I have had people tell me something like that about my writing, too. “It’s nice that you have this hobby, but don’t quit your day job,” or things of that sort.

    I enjoy your drawings and art projects, and there are many different methods of doing things. I don’t use other people’s methods, either, but would not criticize them for showing how they do it and what works for them.

    1. I guess he was being helpful, but looked at his profile and noticed he called some woman the f word regarding her singing. He seemed to have a Google plus page filled with similar comments talking about his talent in art, but then no videos up demonstrating this. It just felt like a bit of trolling. Guess I could have kept up his comment, but why give air time to this guy.

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