My Giraffe Sketch

Here is a picture of my completed giraffe sketch with color pencils. I quite like the vibrant and bold look of this illustration, which is in part because of the hue of the colored pencils I used for this project

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When this photograph was taken I had finished sketching the giraffe, and it was time to add color. I am not sure what it is exactly about sketching, but once I get back into it I feel so at ease with the world. Sketching helps me to feel contemplative and at ease with the moment.

I am not really a relaxing kind of person, but something about putting the pencil to the paper, and taking the time to draw the old fashion way really helps me to focus. I suggest everyone sketch something now and then, it can be quite meditative. Here you can see a photograph of the progress of sketching the giraffe. Also,I have also uploaded a video to YouTube so you can see what the picture looks like a bit more clearly.

Giraffe Sketch: Part 2

Back in 2007 I acquired several hundred pictures of African animals someone was just going to throw away at work. These pictures were too beautiful to just toss away, so I have used these as inspiration for my drawings, and other works of art. Here is the progress in photographs of the process of sketching the giraffe. I decided to focus on the top of the giraffe, and to only include a few detail branches near him. Perhaps he had already eaten the leaves on the top branches, or so the story goes in my head.

My Giraffe Sketch: Part 1

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