S Is For Cross Stitching

Cross stitching is a super easy and time consumptive craft that can be tailored to people of all ages, especially if you use yarn and plastic canvas mesh. Here are some of the simple and fun plastic canvas cross stitch projects I made over the last few years.


Above is a cross stitched candy cane I made into a bookmark.

Here is a cross stitched heart I turned into a magnet.

Cross Stitched Heart

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  1. I don’t do this. I don’t do any sort of stitching. 😉 I’ve been spoiled by having a mother who could do all my sewing for me (she was a dressmaker in a former profession).

    1. I only do the cross stitching thing, and really would need to learn how to sew. Cross stitching is a fun craft for kids if done with plastic canvas mesh.

  2. I’ve been doing cross-stitch and embroidery for over 20 years, since I was 8 or 9 years old. I’ve done a lot of bureau-runners and more complex designs I had to measure to the middle of before making the first stitch. One of my designs was something my mother started for her parents after my uncle died in ’88, and then put away unfinished for years. She gave it to me to finally finish, years later, and now it’s framed in my grandparents’ condo. My mother made a few mistakes with using the wrong colors, but you’d never know if you weren’t told. I’ve made some mistakes too, like in a big design of Buddha under the Bodhi tree, Chinese characters on both sides. Buddha ended up a little shorter than he was supposed to be, but everyone who’s seen that design was too impressed to notice or care that there were some errors in measurement I didn’t notice till it was too late for frogging.

    I got in a lot of trouble with my old embroidery scissors at Ben Gurion Airport in February of ’08. I prize those scissors now, after all the ridiculous trouble I went through to keep them and have them put on the plane in a special envelope. Someone at the luggage conveyer belt in Newark told me I was lucky I’d even been allowed to keep them instead of having them automatically thrown away.

    1. I have a cross stitched bird design I was working on back in 1994, and I wish I could locate the pattern for it. My mom made some comment about how I needed to finish my paper over winter break because I am not Anne Boleyn and do not have the luxury of just cross stitching all day, and after that the project was forgotten with school. Years later I wanted to finish it, but I cannot find the original pattern. I suppose I could just make it what I want, but it was so ornate, and I would have loved to finish it. Your designs sound amazing.

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