Selling My First Handmade Card On Ebay

So far I have had very little success with selling my hand drawn Easter card on ebay. About a month ago I wrote a hub about how to make an Easter pop up card, and I finally mustered up the courage to try and sell it. So far I am slightly discouraged about my foray into the world of online selling, but I had a feeling it would be thus. I had only attempted to sell my handmade cards online at the encouragement of others, but I am beginning to see my place in this world is to create cards for my friends, but I am not sure anyone will ever by my creations. Oh well, I will continue to try and sell my Easter card and see if anyone is interested, but I am not going to post tons of my hand drawn cards for sale until I make at least one sale. I do not believe in taking large gambles, so I will see what happens. Mostly I just enjoy writing about my arts and crafts projects on Hubpages,, and on ehow. Writing and creating is my forte, but selling things is not my strong suit.

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  1. I think it is worth a certain amount of thought when trying to sell something on ebay, especially your own art, I’ve sold tattoos over there in sets, but I’ve researched the competition to see what others were selling and listing and this was a good week or two studying the bestsellers and how many bids each took.

    I know for one thing is maybe you could price one of your best zazzle cards at the lowest rate, buy it and sell it for more on ebay, I did this with cafepress last year and sold 5 out of 12 buttons and magnets, which was a tiny confidence boost for ebay selling.

    Wishing you luck for any ebay selling you do in the future!!

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