Sketching A Picture of Buster Dog

I sketched a picture of Buster over several weeks, and the photos below document the various stages of the drawing process.

Sketching Buster: Part 1

Drawing Buster 1

In the photo above I am beginning to sketch out Buster’s head.

Drawing Buster 6

Here I have finished sketching the outline of Buster’s head.

This video shows the beginning of the Buster sketch, and the reference photograph I used of Buster for this drawing.

Sketch of Buster: Part 2

Drawing Buster

In this phase of the sketch I have almost completed drawing in Buster’s head.
Drawing Buster

In the photograph above I have added more details to the sketch of Buster’s head.

Sketch of Buster: Part 3

My Buster Drawing

Here I am beginning to sketch in Buster’s entire body.

Sketch of Buster: Part 4

Drawing Buster

In this phase of the Buster sketch I have added the background behind him.

The Sketch of Buster: Part 5

Buster Sketch-1

I am recording my progress on the Buster sketch by taking pictures of each step in the process.

During this phase of the sketch I have finished adding the major details to Buster.

Buster Sketch-2

In the photograph above I have added more pencil shading to the sketch of Buster.

Sketch Buster-3

In this phase of the sketch I am using a lighter shade of yellow to color in Buster’s head.

Sketch Buster-4

In the photograph above I have finished coloring in the primary color of Buster’s fur coat with two different shades of yellow colored pencils.

Sketch Butster-6

Chocolate brown and light sienna colored pencils were used to shade in the patches on Buster’s face.

Sketch Buster-7

I am added some darker shades to Buster’s face in this phase of the sketch.

Sketch Buster-8

In this phase of the sketch I have shaded in Buster nose with a black colored pencil, and more of his face.

Sketch Buster-9

Buster is started to look more like his photograph in this sketch.

Sketch Buster-10

I decided to give Buster a dark green collar since this color reminds me of the trees up in the San Bernardino Mountains, where Buster lived out his entire life as our beloved dog.

Sketch Buster-11

In the photograph above I am beginning to color in the background behind Buster, which is the outside of the house near the deck where he used to spend a large amount of time.

Sketch Buster 12

Here I have colored in even more of the background behind Buster.

The Completed Buster Sketch

The photograph above shows what the completed sketch of Buster looks like. I was quite pleased with the results.

Scanned Buster Sketch

Above is the scanned version of my Buster sketch.

The Framed Buster Sketch

Here is what the framed sketch of Buster looks like hanging on the wall.

Above is the video I created of my framed Buster sketch.

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