Sweetbearies Art Videos

Below are a few videos showcasing my artwork. In the first video I am painting mod podge over a colored pencil drawing on a paper bag to give this illustration a lustrous effect.

Here is a video I made of painting my dog Buster with oil paints.


This is a video of a painting I made of the view of the San Gorgonio Mountains from the Rim of the World Highway.


The next video I made of the palm tree I drew on my handmade card with colored pencils.


Here is a video I made of the colored pencil drawing of roses in a watering can, which is based on a photograph taken by my friend Wanda.

This video shows how I made a spring time/Easter pop-up card with my drawings on card stock.

My Artwork Scrapbook
Keeping an artwork scrapbook is a creative way to document your progress as an artist, and to use as inspiration for future projects.

Paint A Picture of Your Dog


Back in 2009 I painted a picture of my dearly departed dog Buster.  Painting a picture of your own pet will serve as a memorial to the joy and warmth this member has brought to your own family.  Watch the videos below to see how the Buster painting came to life.

Part 1 of the Buster painting.

Part 2 of the Buster painting.

Part 3 and the completion of the Buster painting.

How To Make A Paper Shamrock

Below is a video I created, which demonstrates how to make paper shamrocks.  These are fun decorations for Saint Patrick’s Day.

Part 1 of how to make a shamrock.

Part 2 of making a paper shamrock for Saint Patrick’s Day.

Make Paper Ghosts For Halloween

Paper ghosts are a fun craft to make for Halloween.  The video below will demonstrate how to make a ghost decoration out of packing paper, or tissue.

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