Drawing A Ghost House In Death Valley

A colored pencil drawing of a ghost house drawing in Death Valley.

On a camping trip to Death Valley and I took some pictures of a ghost town back in 1993. We used to stay near this deserted village, and bats would fly out of the mining caves and fill the night sky. This would be a spooky place to camp during Halloween. One morning I captured an image of the ghost town, which is the inspiration for this drawing.

A simple drawing of a ghost house located in Death Valley.
More chaparral and boulders were added to the desert landscape.
The hills behind the ghost house were colored in with terracotta and dark brown colored pencils.
The hills and the chapparal in the background have been colored in.
The ghost house was colored in with chocolate brown, black and white colored pencils to create highlights.

Chaparral, flowers, and boulders were colored in around the ghost house, which looks a bit spooky eerie in this semi-arid landscape.