The Cross Stitched Palm Tree: The Final Product

After a couple of months of working on my cross stitched palm tree on aida cloth, I am finally finished with this project. Here are the last few steps that resulted in the the final product, which is ready to be framed.

Cross Stitching On My Intials

Rather than cross stitch a signature on the aida cloth, I opted to stitch on my initials in the bottom left-hand corner. The initials were created with a lavender color of embroidery floss.

Cross Stitching Around The Initials


Next, I cross stitched in the blue sky around the lavender colored initials.

The Completed Cross Stitched Palm Tree


In this last photograph I have finished cross stitching in the palm tree on the aida cloth.   Now I just need to find a frame so I can hang it on the wall.


This video illustrates what the cross stitched palm tree looked like when I finished it.

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