The Golden Rule About Liking Friends’ Facebook Pages

Of course it is not mandatory for you to like a friend’s Facebook art page, blog page, or cause page, but I always wonder why some invite you to like their page, but then do not reciprocate.  I usually like many of my friends’ pages, even without them even having to invite me to do so.  I just consider it the supportive thing to do, but some feel being a cheerleader of the interwebs looks spammy.  Oh well, let them think that about me, I will continue to be the supportive type, and I always enjoy seeing others do the same.

Some people are so worried that a blogger or an artist promoting themselves is spammy, but is it really? As Aya Katz pointed out the other day, a lot of people who share popular memes and photographs on Facebook often do not realize that these are created by Facebook  pages that are actually businesses promoting their own services.  So no one is saying you have to like or visit your friends’ pages, but if you are going to request that they do this for you, then why not reciprocate?

Make the rounds and show you are interacting with your fellow bloggers.  I think that is why I especially enjoyed the A to Z Challenge last year because it was all about writing a blog about a different letter theme each day, but you also had to visit other blogs and comment.  Unlike other sites no one is getting paid to do this, but you are interacting with your bloggers to learn more about the interwebs, and they are doing the same.  Interaction is one of the more enthralling parts of the Internet, and I feel I get more out of a blog when there is a real conversation going on.  It is like a virtual salon with everyone exchanging ideas and such.  We are never all going to agree on everything, but at least by conversing with each other we can learn to appreciate other perspectives.

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  1. Hi, Julia. You make a lot of good points. I agree that reciprocating to a peer invitation is usually the right thing to do. If it is an artist, crafts person or somebody just writing about their life and art, I usually do like their page. It makes sense to do so, and we can learn so much more about our friends that way and the work they are doing.

    There are some exceptions where I will not reciprocate, though. If it is a cause I am against or a subject that I am not interested in at all, I will not like the page because: 1) that misrepresents who I am and what I stand for to people who are looking at my FB page 2) I might end up getting unwelcome propaganda for a cause I abhor and this will actually affect my mood for the day and 3) In the long run, it does not actually help the person whose page it is, because edgerank has something to do with how engaged your fans are with your subject matter. When we fake an interest in something we are not interested in, it will eventually reflect badly on the person soliciting our engagement.

    So that in a nutshell is how I decide what to like nowadays. But in the past, I was very confused about this and sometimes liked some things that I should not have, just out of an attempt to be friendly.

    1. That is why I say liking a page is not mandatory. However, I do think if bloggers are inviting their friends to like their art page, book page, etc, it looks a bit cheesy if that person never reciprocates. It is as if they do not enjoy conversation, and just want page views. In general I do not like conservative political pages, or video game pages, so I understand there are things people will not like.

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