Working On The Cat Drawing As Inspiration Comes

The stripey cat is at Joshua Tree, but I am taking my time with this colored pencil drawing. There is no rush, and I am letting the creative process take me on a journey.

I used to think I needed to be super prolific when it came to producing drawings, but I realized that is not my style. I really am excited about how my cat illustration is evolving, so I am in no rush to finish it by a certain “deadline”. I just take the colored pencils and let my creativity go where it may.

2 Replies to “Working On The Cat Drawing As Inspiration Comes”

  1. The green eyes on that cat are vivid and real. They seem to sparkle. Your technique is excellent.

    I agree about not rushing. There is no point rushing to finish anything anymore. It’s not as if we get a prize for speed! And as for being prolific, there is no particular value in that.

  2. I do like the eyes, and thanks for pointing this out. I am just going to take my time creating things I like and enjoy, now.

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